Kanien'kehá:ka Voices

The Kanien’kehá:ka (People of the Flint), also known as the Mohawks, live in eight different communities spread out in Quebec, Ontario and New York State. They are one of Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse) Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.

Despite colonial efforts to eradicate their culture, language and traditional teachings, revitalization efforts in these areas have steadily increased, especially since the 1990 Oka Crisis.

Storytellers of this project rely on identity for strength, which is rooted in a Seven Generations Philosophy – an understanding how current decision-making will affect today’s and future generations.

See community stories and recommendations in the Kanien’kehá:ka Research Findings Report.

Joy Deer

Jade McComber

Tiawentinon Canadian

Emma Ouimet

Kate, Lorrie Ann & Kaysun Oke

Destiny Thomas

Pasha Partrige

Jonathan Turenne

Oke Generations

Kanien’kehá:ka Research Findings Report

Final research findings report

2016 – 2021

It seems like it’s a world away sometimes. Half an hour away from town. I never really knew anything about the city, or the people. Academia itself was so foreign to me. Everyone thinks writing essays and taking exams is a very stressful thing, but really isn’t. It’s not that bad. Because we’re all smarter than we think we are, than we know we are.

– FPPSE Storyteller