Voices of Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal)

We come from a multitude of Indigenous nations and build community in urban centres.

As we pursue post secondary studies in the city, we (re)claim these spaces, affirm our Indigenous identity and honour the stories of our connection to this land that lies beneath and beyond the concrete.

We often find ourselves trying to find or hold on to our cultural ways of knowing and being in the midst of western academia’s expectations as well as our individual and collective successes that lead the way for those to come.

We come together to create kinship across nations. We are here. And institutions must commit to change.

Aidan Matthew Thorne

Sophie Tukalak

Talia Bellerose

Pasha Partridge

Christine Lussier

Craig Ryan Commanda

As I heal I get stronger and I surround myself with role models that I didn’t have growing up. I’m choosing my family now, choosing my circle, instead of what I had then. I didn’t really have a voice, but now it’s different. There’s definitely a lot of healing going on and in the next generation I see a more capable, strong, beautiful future for the kids coming up.

– FPPSE Storyteller