Indigenous Transition Programs

“I just feel like as indigenous students, like we’re put in a lot of boxes. We come into this classroom, which is a big box, and then we sit at our little desk, which is its own little box. And then we stare at a PowerPoint screen and all these little boxes of presentation material… we don’t learn that way…”

John Abbott College, Stakeholder Interview,
December 8, 2022

Springboard to Success: Skills Upgrading in a Context of Cultural Safety is a participatory project developed by faculty at John Abbott and Dawson Colleges to review their Indigenous transition programs and provide resources for teachers across Quebec colleges. This Needs Assessment includes perspectives of students, teachers and stakeholders, highlighting successes, challenges and recommendations for improved programs.


Dewemaagannag/My Relations: Indigenous Engagement Guide

Created by Concordia University’s Office of Community Engagement, Dewemaagannag: My Relations is a self-reflection guide that provides key principles and values to guide non-Indigenous researchers and students who wish to decolonize relationships with Indigenous communities.

Download the guide and read about its creation here.