My Voice

“I envision Indigenous students being successful, taking on the roles that have been taken away. That’s what I envision to get our autonomy, to be self-determined people and to be able to do what’s best for us, and not what other people tell us is best for us.”

– FPPSE storyteller

Lucina Gordon

Flora Weistche

Joy Deer

Jeannie Calvin

Mary Shem

Tunu Napartuk

Lizzie Irniq & Mary Kiatainaq

Darryl Diamond

Christine Lussier

Sophie Tukalak

Tiawenti:non Canadian

Hannah Tooktoo

Angela Watts

Louisa Whitely Tukkiapik

Jade McComber

Emma Ouimet

Pasha Partridge

Mary Saunders

Paasa Lemire

Craig Commanda

Alex Matthews

Lukasi Whiteley Tukkiapik

Talia Bellerose

Kitty Gordon

Anita Gordon

Aidan Matthew Thorne

Jonathan Turenne

Amy Gordon Saunders

Dawn Forrest

Kate, Lorrie and Kaysun Oke

Destiny Thomas


There’s so much intellectual depth in our stories and we’re not really taught that, but they are our birthright. We have a birthright to a very strong, beautiful, deep, intellectual life.

– FPPSE Storyteller